There are an awful lot of brands & products targeting Yogis these days, I have ended up with some experience of those items that I feel have been worth my time, & hopefully, that information can be useful to you as well!

If you have any feedback on any of these suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them, they’ve always been great for me, but sometimes, things change & I always want to be looking after my students!

Additionally, if something or someone isn’t on this list, its likely just because I don’t have any experience of them, its a big world with room for everyone to love Yoga, & themselves!

Yoga Equipment & Clothing

Codes below are affiliate codes meaning if you purchase using these I may get a very small profit. That being said I only work with brands I truly like and use myself.

They make absolutely awesome Mats which don’t slip or dig, as well as clothing that is super comfy, flexible & stylish!

15% off code: leah15

Just Strong
Great workout clothing at very fair prices, looks good & feels good!

10% off code: leahhyne10

Blossom Yogawear
Great Yoga clothes, Nice and thick leggings perfect for UK weather.

15% off  code: leah15

Inspirational People

Yoga Jane
Jane is an excellent Yoga teacher, based in Cornwall, UK. She really knows how to share her love of the spiritual side of Yoga, as well as the physical.
Amy & Jane run an absolutely brilliant Teacher Training Course from St Agnes.

Amy Yoga
Amy runs Amy Yoga in St Agnes, Cornwall, UK & is a fantastic teacher, both for Yoga Students & Yoga Teachers, including Pregnancy & Early Years Yoga.
Amy is also the author of Two Little Yogis, a brilliant book for anyone wanting to share Yogis with little people!

A note on paid advertising: none of the links or companies mentioned above have paid for a mention here, though some have gifted me clothing or equipment in the past, this has not affected my opinion of them, or my recommendation. If they’re on these lists, its because I like what they do / make & I genuinely recommend them without any expectation of return from them for doing so, they’d be here regardless of any gifts &, I believe, offer my fellow Yogis, something worth your time.