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Can you touch your toes?

I am hosting a 5 Day Challenge to help you get closer to your toes, does this sound like something you are interested in? If so, read on. I have always been the inflexible yogi. I go to a class and everyone’s there doing splits or the perfect wheel or even touching their toes. It…

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New website

Hello my friends, We are moving! I have set up a new site which is easier to lay out my membership and my classes. We will be switching the domain soon, meaning if you go to lakotayoga.com it will still bring you to me but in the new website. This way members of my yoga…

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5 Minute Yoga For Parents

Welcome, my name is Leah and I’m here to help stressed mums find some calmness and rediscover themselves through yoga and meditation so that they can have a happier mind and more patience with themselves. I focus on managing the stress levels and well-being of Mum and I know your time is limited so I…

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Last Chance to find some peace.

Last Day for sign ups! Lakora membership is closing the doors tonight! I want to focus entirely on the members I have and give them the best experience and help them get their wins so they can find some calm and happiness especially during the summer holidays. I’m not sure when I’m opening again, but…

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What’s in the membership?

Did you know you can check out my membership without signing up. You can’t see what’s in all the modules but you can see an overview and you can watch the navigation to get a little more insight. 2 New classes are added weekly and starting in august we have a 30 Day Meditation month…

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YouTube Yoga Channel

Have you seen my YouTube channel? Check it out and see if you like my style. Very beginner friendly but still has that creativity in sequencing. http://www.youtu.be/XifjaweK3vk More options available in my membership for different length classes ranging from 5 – 60 minutes and different styles like vinyasa, yin and how to’s. I’ve even managed…

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Busy and stressed mum?

Welcome. It has been a while since I have wrote a blog post. I have been very busy setting up my new membership. New here? Let me introduce myself. I’m Leah and I help stressed mums find some calmness and rediscover themselves through yoga and meditation so that they can live a happier life and…

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