I came to Yoga in my early twenties; it started with an interest in Fitness & evolved into a way of being that has helped me to evolve mentally, while improving my mindfulness, flexibility, strength & agility.

These days, Yoga is inseparable from my very essence; it empowers my confidence through rewarding my efforts with new achievements, boosts my resiliency through my deepening connection with a philosophy of calm & understanding, & drives me to share its benefits with a world in desperate need of a greater calm.

My Yoga Journey – Through Fitness, to Passion, Stress to Peace

What is Yoga?
Who is it For?
Is it a Religion?

Exactly what it seems / More than you can imagine – Everyone – No!

Yoga allows for all walks of life, all tastes & personalities, all goals. Whether you’re focused on Yoga for Fitness, Yoga for Mental Wellbeing & Resilience, Meditation to deepening your understanding of, & connection to the self, or just looking to feel a pleasing, deep stretch & follow it up with the blissful calm of a relaxing Savasana – it really is for everyone.

A typical Yoga class begins, like any good exercise, with a warm up that lets all of your muscles & joints get ready & limber. Students place themselves upon a Yoga Mat which helps to prevent slips (but you can still Yoga without one if need be!) & softens a hard floor to further protect your pointy bits!

Once everyone is warmed up, a teacher will take students through a series of Asanas, cycles of movement, that work certain parts of the body. Throughout the practice, students are encouraged to bring their focus & attention into their Yoga, both to improve their performance (it’s hard to do anything well when your mind is elsewhere!) & step away from the thoughts & preoccupations that take up so much of our time & energy. This “presence in the moment” encourages you to listen to your own body, ensuring a safe Yoga practice, and deepening your understanding of yourself.

Once the Asanas are completed (don’t worry, there are many to explore, & many ways to put them all together, ensuring classes often feel different), the teacher takes students through a cool down series (crucial for letting hard working muscles & joints release the lactic acid & pressure that builds up through use), finally easing into a Savasana; a quiet, peaceful rest period that lets the brain decompress & relax.

The end result is often a tired, but happy body, & a relaxed, peaceful, liberated mind -this is the goal of Yoga: quieting the mind to find and return to stillness in the mind.

It looks really hard!

One of the great things about Yoga is its flexibility; teachers will often give students options in any given pose, so everyone can work to their own ability & condition – you do not need to be able to touch your toes or turn yourself into a pretzel to do Yoga!

In addition to the rest of my classes & courses, I also offer classes & courses for beginners. Classes offer a regular Yoga Practice to improve in, while Courses provide a focused timeline, directed towards helping you improve.


Yoga for All

My aim is to offer classes, courses & videos that are accessible to all, whether you’re an absolute beginner, or have been practising for years.

First & foremost, I try to offer a form of Yoga that is, at its heart, humane, balanced & enjoyable. Full of positivity, physical & mental benefit, & which is neither intimidating or without challenge.

Yoga Styles


Moving with the breath, smoothly from pose to pose in creative sequences.


Poses are held for several breaths before flowing into the next, to concentrate fully on the pose you are in.


A style where poses are held for several minutes, getting deep into the connective tissues.

All classes are followed by Savasana, a relaxing, meditative & contemplative closure to the class where students sink into the peace found through the prior exertion.

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