Different types of yoga

So what is yoga? I have a previous blog on this that yiu can check out but basically it is self discovery.

Why are there so many different types of yoga and what are they?

Yoga like everything has evolved. Over time yoga has branched out into a lot of different types. Today im just showing you the main ones that resonate with me.

Vinyasa – moving from pose to pose with each breath. Generating heat in the body.

Hatha – holding poses for a few breathes to align and calm the body, mind and spirit

Kundalini – focusing on opening the chakras to release kundalini energy eventually reaching enlightenment.

Restorative – calming and relaxing poses to calm the mind.

Power yoga – is alot to do with strength building. Poses can be held for a while with a focus on muscle strength and cardio.

Yoga Nidra – meditation aimed at creating deep rest in the body. Perfect for helping calm the mind before bed.

Yin – slower style of yoga holding the poses for 1-5 minutes getting deep into the tissues.

Tantra – foscusing on body connections to reach a calmer, happier state.

Ashtanga – set movements repeated for 5 breathes. It is the 8 limb path of yoga.

Iyengar – set asanas focusing on allignment and posture using the breath. Using props to help.

Hot yoga – yoga practices in a hot and humid room. Aimed at sweating out toxins.

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