Different types of yoga

So what is yoga? I have a previous blog on this that yiu can check out but basically it is self discovery. Why are there so many different types of yoga and what are they? Yoga like everything has evolved. Over time yoga has branched out into a lot of different types. Today im justContinue reading “Different types of yoga”

Online virtual wellbeing retreat

Feeling overwhelmed or like you have no time for yourself? Join me on march 1st with some beautiful ladies for a 5 day retreat from the comfort of your own home. There will be Meditation, yoga, nutrition advice and wellbeing advice all for free. No need for previous experience with any of the above. JustContinue reading “Online virtual wellbeing retreat”

6 week ‘new to yoga’ course

Hi everyone, I have a new 6 week new to yoga course out! So I want to say thank you for the amazing turn out on my 30 day yoga challenge on YouTube, I know some of you are still making your way through it and the feedback I have got is incredible and i am so glad thatContinue reading “6 week ‘new to yoga’ course”