Sun salutations

Ever wondered what a sun salutation is?

surya namaskar = sun salutation = saluting the sun.

A series of poses to warm up the body, creating heat while focusing the mind on the breath and the movement creating stillness in the mind.

Do these steps with each breath for 1 round of a classic sun salutation.

1. Tadasana pose. Inhale and exhale find balance.

2. Inhale sweep your arms up over head.

3. Exhale. Bend in the knees, sweep arms forward into a forward bend.

4. Inhale, half way lift. Hands can come up legs, lengthen your spine.

5. Exhale, forward fold again.

6. Inhale, step both feet back to plank.

7. Exhale. Drop knees and lower chin and chest to the mat.

8. Inhale. Lift chest to cobra or up dog (thighs and belly off the floor aswell)

9. Exhale. Lower back down, push back onto knees and out into downward facing dog.

10. Inhale and exhale as you step or jump forward into a forward fold.

11. Inhale. half way lift.

12. Exhale. Forward fold.

13. Inhale. Bend the knees and sweep the arms around and up over head.

14. Exhale. Hands to heart center and back to tadasana pose.

This sequence can be repeated as often as you would like.

Enjoy and always listen to your body.

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