What is yoga?

Going over my notes from my yoga teacher training with (amy yoga cornwall) that i did last year. I thought i would share some things, incase they are of interest and incase you are wondering what is yoga?

So here goes.

My first day of my yoga teacher training and we all were asked what is yoga? We all came up with so many different things but we concluded it to this…

The main thing was to go back to our original state, when we are first born aren’t we in a state of meditation? We don’t have worries. We play, we move, we say what’s on our mind, we don’t overthink, we know deep down wrong from right.

Over time we lose this innocence, we lose the movement and we lose the connection to our mind.

This is what we are trying to remember with yoga.

This i am – Basic instincts to be who you truly are, with nothing blocking your judgement, nothing in the way of your movement, nothing in the way of your mind. Just, I am this!

That is yoga!

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